Nothing quite beats earphones comfort and portability particularly when it comes to switching or hitting the gym. The issue is that wireless earbuds have not been precisely wire-free until recently. That’s because, despite packing Bluetooth for a wireless connection to your phone, the two parts of ear still need to be tied together, which generally means that irritating wire hangs behind your neck.

All that has altered now. The trend did not begin with Apple, but the popularity of its fully wireless Air Pods implies that more companies have started to completely free their cable buds. Not to mention the carelessly disappearing headphone jack from high-end smartphones.

Of course, most Bluetooth earbuds are still slightly chunky and first gen, and you need to spend a lot for good audio, so there’s space for enhancement, but there’s still a lot to enjoy here. If you don’t like an eerie headphone’s ambiguously design and prefer smaller footprint headphones, earbuds and in-ears can be a good choice. But if you don’t like having a wire going to your phone and prefer the freedom of Bluetooth technology or maybe your phone doesn’t even have an audio jack, Bluetooth earbuds and in-ears are even better.

I would like to pen down some recommendations for the best sounding Bluetooth earbuds, the best Bluetooth headphones, the best Bluetooth earbuds for iPhone, and the best earbuds and in-ears.

Focus power F10

Mpow Single


Sound peats Q12

Phaiser BHS-530


Focus power F10:

One of the interesting things about F10 is the size of it. This earbud is one of the smallest earbuds on the market, and we think it’s great, because this one can’t stick out of your ear like most earbuds do. The price is also very acceptable, although it may be a bit odd that you spend this amount of money on one earbud when you can use the same amount of money and buy many different kinds of earbuds that are sold in pairs. F10 is worth its price, however, and you will recognize it immediately. The earbud is so small that the coin is smaller than F1 than the coin. It has an ergonomic angled design and is nicely placed in the ear.

Mpow Single:

Mpow EM1 is a Bluetooth earbud plastic. The quality of the sound if it satisfies the price. It’s good to listen to podcasts and audio books, while you can make decent phone calls with the small microphone. You will be able to hear the person on the other side perfectly if you use the earbud in a quiet environment just like that person will hear you clearly.

This earbud has an ergonomic design, it lays beautifully in the ear and is so small that many people will not even notice that you are wearing the earbud. It can also be worn in both the right and the left ears, which is the great possibility since most of the truly wireless single earbuds can be worn in one of the ears, mostly in the right ear. You will find the LED indicator on the front side of the earbud that shows you if the earbud is on / off, if it is pairing, or if it is already paired. Also, above the Mpow logo is a round multifunctional button and a small built-in microphone.


The earbuds are plastic, but, despite the flimsy looks, they are quite durable. The audio cable is great and due to the flat design, it doesn’t tangle. For extended wearing, they are very comfortable and also quite stable, so you can use them for any daily activity, including running. Besides, they are sweat-proof, so they won’t be damaged by sweat and even some rain or some water splashes. The outdoor sound of Zeus is good. They are not audiophile-friendly earbuds, but to any ordinary customer they sound just fine. The bass is highlighted nicely and the technology of CVC noise isolation works well.

Sound peats Q12:

As they are mostly plastic, Q12 are also quite durable earbuds. They’re very comfortable as well. The controls are highly accessible and easy to use, while the metal housings with built-in magnets not only increase durability, but also protect the earbuds from damage and loss. For instance, if you don’t use them and don’t want to put them in their case, you can just put them around your neck, the magnets in the housings will attract and the earbuds will be safe and close to you if you need them. For the price, the earbuds sound great. Even wonderful. The bass is powerful and in all genres of music the midst and the highs are quite clear.

Phaiser BHS-530:

BHS-530 is made of silicone and plastic and is very comfortable to wear. These earbuds, moreover, are quite light and you’re not even going to feel them on your head. You get the variety of ear tips from different materials and in different sizes, so you can always try foam tips as they are usually much better in these situations if either of the silicone tips don’t match or don’t provide good noise isolation. So, by considering the price, the sound these earbuds deliver is great. The bass is quite strong and very clean are the midst and the highs.


They’re very small and light, and probably not many people will notice that you’re wearing them.

They follow the human ear shape and lay in the ear canal comfortably. Without any pain or discomfort, you will be able to wear them for hours; you might even forget that you have them. You have the multifunctional button and integrated microphone on the front side of the buds as well as the LED status indicator. The multifunctional button is used for turning on and off the buds, pairing them and playing and pausing music or answering calls including activating phone assistant. When the buds are charged, the LED indicator will be red and blue when the charging process is complete. Check out these best wireless earbuds.

The 4 Best Bluetooth Speakers To Make a Purchase

Bluetooth speakers are important considering that they assist individuals in case there is a road trip, an outdoor event, or a party. Therefore, the best speakers are portable and of high quality, since they are wireless and built of high quality sounding audio. On the other hand, there are more features such as strong wireless Bluetooth connection signal, as well as the reception for better performance and stronger battery life to ensure that it plays for a longer duration of time since it is mainly used for outdoor events in most cases. As such, an individual should be keen on the recommended Bluetooth speakers according to their rating.

It is important to consider that a good wireless audio speaker can either make the music annoying or enjoyable thus research is required to avoid facing any challenges in case an individual makes a wrong decision in the end. There are various ratings that potential clients are required to be conversant with to ensure that they make the right decision whenever purchasing a Bluetooth audio speaker. The ratings are used to describe a specific feature linked to a particular speaker. For example, IP67 is a type of speaker which is waterproof and dustproof, IPX4 is splash-proof, 1PX7 is waterproof whereas IPX5 is splash-proof.

UE Mega Boom 3

Individuals consider the best speakers in regards to their preferences whereby some people may prefer buying a speaker since it has the loudest audio volume while other individuals may prefer a Bluetooth speaker due to its portable speakers.


However, there is no product that is perfect to all individuals, therefore, the speakers are ranked in accordance to their performance. As such, the UE Mega Boom 3 is ranked first due to its functionality. It is attractive, has a long battery life and its audio sound quality is perfect. It is produced by Ultimate Ears. It is designed with looks that lure potential clients. On the other hand, it is dust proof, shockproof and waterproof thus it can be submerged in water up to three feet without facing any adverse effects since the music plays continuously. The battery life lasts up to 20 hours. The speaker has an added advantage since it has a party up mode which enables an individual to pair up with eight enabled sources perfectly.

Reasons To Buy:

UE Mega Boom 3 is unique compared to its competitors since it does not have google assistant support or Alexa. Therefore, it is not a very compact speaker but it stands out from the rest of the speakers due to its ruggedness since it holds dust and water. The UE Mega Boom speaker emerged as the best Bluetooth speaker due to its design and the fact that it produces fuller bass and bigger sound.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

Bose SoundLink Revolve+is considered as the best sounding Bluetooth speaker because it has great bass and audio. Its sound and design are great in every way.


Bose is an organization that does not compromise with the audio quality considering that the company also deals with earbuds for workouts, home theatres and Bluetooth headphones. It has a high quality design whereby a perforated aluminium is used to wrap the speakers. Also, it has a lantern-style handle which makes portability form one place to another easier. The battery life lasts for 16 hours since it is rated IPX4. The sound from Bose SoundLink Revolve+ entails an upper mid-range and treble. The 360 degree sound does not have any dead spots regardless of the fact that many individuals may walk with the speakers around various places.

Reasons To Buy:

The speaker is google assistant, as well as, Siri considering that it has a button to activate the additional features. On the other hand, the user may easily connect to two devices simultaneously without facing any challenges in the end. Also, it remembers the last eight devices that were previously connected to the device. It has several advantages to the user. For instance, it has an in built microphone which enables phone calls to be audible and clear, as well as clear audio sound to the listener. It offers the same quality sound in all direction due to the cylindrical shape used to design the speaker. It operates well since it is Siri and Google enabled. However, the device’s charger is bought separately.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Wireless Speaker

Amazon Echo smart wireless speaker is rated as the best-selling smart wireless speaker according to the recent statistics since it serves as a virtual assistant.


It has an attractive design which is covered with fabric which may be changed with various skins. It is unique from ordinary Bluetooth speakers since it contains Alexa which is a digital voice assistant which is capable of reading emails and checking the weather through a voice command. It attracts many individuals since one may ask questions which are replied with funny answers by the device.

Reasons To Buy:

It has strong volume and solid bass thus it has good sound quality. In case an individual has smart gadgets at the workplace or at home, the speaker may be used since Alexa can interact with numerous devices.

UE Boom 2

It is a good portable speaker which has great sound and at an affordable price. It is durable with an upgrade to improve its audio sound quality.


On the other hand, it is waterproof and shock-resistant.  It has higher sound and is louder than the original boom considering that it sounds better. Also, it has a battery that lasts for 15 hours although it lasts for 11 hours in case the speaker plays at loud volumes.

Reasons To Buy:

The user may easily connect the speaker to a second ultimate ears speaker to produce stereo sound. The upgraded speaker plays 25% louder volume than the original boom. It has several advantages to the user. For example, it has a durable design which contains long wireless Bluetooth range. Also, it contains loud and clear audio sound which is pleasant to the listener’s ears.

Here you go, The perfect Bluetooth speaker ideas for you , see which one suits you and buy the best one!